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When I am recording outdoors, I use a cassette-recorder BASF type 9210 automatic. I have built in a
100 kOhm potentiometer to be able to regulate the speed of the motor. You may have to experiment with other values.
At home I usually make my recordings on a personal computer, using software called Cooledit 2000, for this programme can handle al kinds of difficult situations you may run into recording, filtering or editing recordings.

How to record.

If you are using the psychophone it is advisable to create inner peace and tranquility for this increases the chances of good contacts with the other side. There is no need to act mysterious

like sitting in a darkened room in the middle of the night burning incense. You may as well do it during the day in full light at the time of your choice. Do try to repeatedly pick the same time of day for subsequent recording sessions. It has proven to increase the number of contacts and their quality.

If a contact has been established, always bear in mind that it is not only your apparatus that is responsible for it. Your participation level is high, you are the conductor. They use your energy to be able to communicate (aura or magnetic radiation). That is why you may feel tired after having done several subsequental recording sessions.

If you wish to learn more about how to use the Psychophone you may always send me an email with your questions.

Constructing the Psychophone

Building this device is not as difficult as it seems. My knowledge of electronics is rather limited and still I managed. And because the diagram is very simple many of you will probably be able to build it yourselves. I have also provided a lay-out that you can use as a transparant for etching a print.
On the picture right you can see what the interior of the Psychophone looks like.

Furthermore, there is a diagram in which you can see how the various components should be connected.
Click on the picture to see an enlargement.

I also included a list with al the components needed and some information about winding the spools.
Although constructing the Psychophone should not give you too much trouble, some patience an handiness might still be necessary. I wish you as much pleasure as I had building this device.


                                      Jean de Meulder

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