Working with the psychophone

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There are numerous ways to record paranormal voices, so-called evpís. I use the Psychophone, especially designed for this purpose by Franz Seidl, an EVP-pioneer. You can find instructions how to build the Psychophone on my website.
  How to use the Psychophone.

I built the Psychophone using the diagram that was published in his book. But I took the liberty to apply some modifications, or rather: I added some components. The Psychophone integrates several electronic devices e.g. an oscillator ( a small radio transmitter) that generates energy/carrier waves for trancedental voices to modulate. Secondly a radio-receiver for the reception of electromagnetic waves that may be influenced by the voices. Furthermore there is a microphone-preamp onboard to enable the use of a microphone to capture voices. The elements I added are an integrated speaker system with amplification and output. This makes it easier to search for certain frequencies without the necessity of headphones.

Sometimes voices, addressing to those present,  can be heard directly from the speaker. I also added extra outputs with individual amplification to be able to connect several recording devices e.g. cassetterecorder or PC. I use two microphones with preamps that are connected to two seperate inputs on the Psychophone without causing a decrease of the radio-signal. I recommend the use of preamps for it increases the necessary sensibility to pick up the usually faint voices.

  There are two inputs for an antenna and Iíve built in a large DC-meter that indicates the quality of reception. I use a mobile scanner antenna and a wire antenna with a spool in the middle to create the idea of a longwire antenna in a small room. See photos.

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